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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the automation of recurring business processes through the integration between applications that allows you to relieve staff from simpler and more repetitive activities.


Automation is efficiency

With WebRatio you automate your business and make it efficient, with more speed and greater control, thanks to the digitalization of processes and constant monitoring of performance.

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BPA and faster digitalization

With the Business Process Automation technology of WebRatio Platform, you can design your processes visually and quickly create the software necessary for the management and control of the business, optimizing and improving the performance of your company.

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BPA for complete automation

Thanks to WebRatio's Business Process Automation solutions you can digitize the workflow by integrating user interfaces with automatic logic and events, to simplify essential activities, reduce the risk of errors and increase the quality of work.

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Integrated and efficient applications

You can integrate new digital processes created with our low-code platform, with pre-existing systems and renew the company's business, introducing the efficiency of Business Process Automation, without upsetting the organization.

WebRatio's BPA for Digital Transformation


Better performance

With WebRatio's low-code approach, you can design BPA solutions tailored to your business processes, obtaining greater control through the analysis of performance indicators. By optimizing processes where it is most needed, business management becomes simpler and thus improves business results.

Greater quality of work

The care in the analysis and configuration of the logics that make up the automation of the processes allows you not to have the typical errors of the procedures performed manually and to guarantee quality and response times compatible with the new expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele towards services it uses.

Increase in the value of work

With WebRatio Platform you create solutions to automate repetitive, predictable and less valuable activities. The staff can thus devote themselves to higher-level activities, such as management, control, review and optimization of processes, making a greater contribution to the entire organization.

WebRatio's BPA for Ricoh's project

Find out how the Japanese company has reduced order processing times by 30-40%, thanks to the automation of the collection, extrapolation, writing and modification of data in company systems.

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