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Rapid Mobile App Development Platform

Create custom apps for your business in few days without writing a line of code


Build cross-platform mobile apps faster with Low-Code

With the rapid mobile development of the WebRatio Platform's Low-Code technology, you can create Android or iOS mobile apps down to the smallest detail. Thanks to the visual tools, you can quickly draw a working version and iteratively refine it with user feedback until you automatically get the app ready for release on any app store and device.



Speed 7X

Low-Code language simplicity allows you to develop Android and iOS mobile apps without writing code—and at an unprecedented speed.

Complete customization

Visual tools for defining the user experience allow you to completely customize the screen’s appearance and the app design.

Cross-platform release

Develop the mobile app only once with Low-Code, and automatically get cross-platform packages, updated with the latest technologies, that you can install on Google Play and the App Store.

Offline work

Mobile apps created can also work offline to allow users to be productive even when the network connection is not available.

Easy integration

The created mobile apps are natively integrated with back-end systems thanks to the APIs of the platform.

Extensible mobile apps

Develop your components, and extend the functionality of your mobile app thanks to standard market technologies and open code.

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Create your mobile apps with WebRatio Platform's Low-Code


WebRatio Platform 9 Beta: Develop Mobile App at the Speed of Low-Code

See how to develop a cross-platform mobile app with WebRatio 9—with unprecedented simplicity and speed.

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With WebRatio Platform you can make your business mobile by extending applications even outside your company.

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