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Internet of Things and new business models

With WebRatio develop Internet Of Things applications to increase the value of your products and add smart services useful to your customers and to the entire value chain.


Redesign business systems with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things redesigns and extends computerized systems known up to now, including objects that it was unthinkable we could connect before. With WebRatio Platform you create IoT solutions to collect, send, store and analyze the data that allows you to enrich products with smart services and adopt new business models, such as pay-per-use and pay-per-outcome.



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Industry 4.0

With WebRatio your business becomes an industry 4.0, using Cloud technologies and the IoT platform to collect and analyze data from connected objects, even remotely.

Thanks to low-code technology you can create IoT systems to constantly monitor company performance and optimize all the activities that make up the value chain: from production to logistics, from distribution to maintenance, reducing processing times, costs and increasing the operational efficiency.


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With low-code development you make your business smart in a few weeks, increase the sources of revenue and the Value Proposition by selling products as services and giving your customers the opportunity to manage everything remotely through the apps.

Improve the efficiency and maintenance of your machines thanks to process automation, notification systems and data sharing with stakeholders in the supply chain, such as installers, maintenance technicians and resellers.


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Smart Home & Building

Take advantage of the speed of the WebRatio Platform to create solutions that make buildings intelligent and offer advantages such as remote management and preventive maintenance or the digitisation and automation of Facility Management activities.

Lighting, air conditioning, heating, video surveillance, electrical systems and lifts can be monitored and controlled through IoT digital solutions that exploit web and mobile technologies, to obtain concrete advantages such as lower consumption, increased energy savings and safety in homes and in buildings.


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Respond to the new needs of consumers increasingly attentive to the services offered, developing proximity marketing solutions with WebRatio Platform that allow you to find products, obtain availability information in stock and access multimedia content, in advance and directly from smartphones.

Keep your shop under control thanks to IoT solutions that allow you to know in real-time the purchasing habits of your customers, manage queues and make the experience in store faster and safer.

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