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Travel & Transportation Software Solutions

Optimize, integrate, and automate your business processes by rapidly developing digital solutions and offer, in real-time, services to customers for diversifying your brand from competitors and lead the market.

Innovate travel services and transport systems

New mobility models, innovative payment methods and real-time information offerings are revolutionizing the travel and transportation industries. The WebRatio Platform low-code technology enables rapid development of solutions ranging from travel management and fleet management to online ticketing, aiding companies in adapting to new and different business needs, transforming services and increasing competitive advantage.

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Create Ticketless systems for travelers

Develop with our low-code methodology e-ticketing platforms to digitize tickets purchase, subscriptions and renews on the public transport network. Offer your clients the opportunity to reduce purchase time through the most innovative payment methods.

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Manage and monitor your fleet by developing dedicated digital solutions

Use the RAD method to create systems for monitoring and controlling your fleet and gather all the information to get the most out of your resources. Keep track of all activities, from revisions to replacement of parts, with a multi-functional and customized dashboard developed based on your business needs.

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Develop software applications to give your customers a unique travel experience

Build, with WebRatio Platform, digital solutions that allow your clients to design customized travel plans based on their needs. Offer assistance, anytime and anywhere–at home, while traveling, or at the agency. Create and consolidate your brand identity by applications that use the web and mobile technologies to reach customers and loyalize them through personalized offers.

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Create applications integrated with your supply chain

Extend your Supply Chain Management Systems by rapidly developing digital solutions that allow on-field operators to accelerate the transfer process, from reception of orders to their location.

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Innovate your processes and optimize them with automation

Monitor your KPIs by rapidly creating, with WebRatio Platform, digital solutions designed for your enterprise, to obtain the efficiency of your internal processes. View the data and performance of your resources, graphically and in real-time, with Analytics Systems that permit you to gather and compare information, to take the most successful strategic decisions.

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Get new revenue streams with innovative services

Innovate your business by developing customized digital solutions with our low-code development platform. Diversify your activities to attract new clients and respond to your customers’ needs innovatively by creating new services that differentiate you from your competitors and allow you a new revenue stream.


Design your Digital Transformation

Reach your strategic goals by developing unique digital solutions, suitable to your business needs, quickly and easily with our low-code development platform. Transform processes in any area of your company from administration to production, distribution to recruiting, creating application software that exploits the full potential of web, mobile, IoT, and BPA technologies quickly, thanks to our Agile method.

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