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Infographic: The 7 Low-Code Vendor Lock-In strategies and how to protect from them

We show the 7 main strategies that can technologically and economically bind customers to vendors through the use of Low-Code platforms and we describe how using WebRatio Platform lets companies avoid them.

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Technological and economic Vendor Lock-In

From a technology perspective, almost any aspect of low-code development can be constraining, such as application usage or the number of end users. These limitations can lead to economic constraints that bind customers with additional costs beyond those necessary for development.

two colleagues analyzes company income

WebRatio Platform has no constraints

The use of WebRatio Platform does not include any Vendor Lock-In strategy, neither technological nor economic, offering a very simple flat subscription system with a periodic payment for each developer.

BPA systems have allowed a 30% reduction in paperwork processing time and a clear improvement in employees performances.

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Discover all the Vendor Lock-In strategies