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Manufacturing Software Solutions

Make your company's processes digital, automating and speeding up procedures. Save time and resources rapidly developing digital solutions, from traditional applications to 4.0 technologies.


Make your company an enterprise 4.0

The digital transformation is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, and companies need robust and secure software solutions to be competitive. Production, logistics, distribution, post-sales, and the whole value chain become simple, efficient, automatic, and fast, using our low-code development platform to exploit the most innovative technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Process Automation (BPA).

production line of a manufacturing company

Develop digital solutions and optimize production with IoT technologies

Quickly create applications to connect and have your products online. Make better decisions based on data collected by machines thanks to Internet of Things technologies.

manufacturing workers with tablet  use digital services

Design applications to increase your products’ value with smart services

Design and develop application software with WebRatio platform low-code methodology, to enhance your products, enriching them with digital services enabled by technological innovation, and make whole supply chain integration into product life cycle.

worker in charge of the control of a machinery in a manufacturing company

Build software solutions and reduce maintenance cycles with BPA

React before, keep control, and quickly manage breakdowns or downtimes developing enterprise applications with our low-code platform, to send real-time notifications with automated business processes.

tir of a supplier along the way to the manufacturing company

Implement digital automation solutions to faster the supply chain

Reduce waste of time and resources, creating software solutions with WebRatio platform, to automate and simplify the supply process. Integrate suppliers, agents, maintainers, installers or any other stakeholder information system involved, with digital processes.

line of excavators that can be managed or localized

Develop enterprise digital applications and improve asset management

Increase control and simplify installed fleet management developing digital solutions with RAD methodology, suitable to your business. Supervise contract’s lifecycle, integrate on-field agents, analyze costs and consumption and link them to payment systems.

an employee checks the goods in the warehouse with a smartphone

Create enterprise mobile solutions to extend your systems

Enable your employees and agents to access internal company applications at any time and place, rapidly developing mobile apps integrated with your existing software systems.


Design your Digital Transformation

Reach your strategic goals by developing unique digital solutions, suitable to your business needs, quickly and easily with our low-code development platform. Transform processes in any area of your company from administration to production, distribution to recruiting, creating application software that exploits the full potential of web, mobile, IoT, and BPA technologies quickly, thanks to our Agile method.

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