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Warehouse management system: Low-code for nonstandard solutions

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Warehouse management system: Low-code for nonstandard solutions

Adopting a market solution for the needs of your business can sometimes be counterproductive. Companies risk adapting their business processes to those of the software instead of adapting software to actual processes. This results in losing the efficiency advantage gained by consolidating practices and routines achieved over years of experience in the pursuit of operational excellence.


On the other hand, the creation of ad hoc solutions for unique requirements is now available for anyone thanks to the advantages of low-code technology. Development can even start from the reuse of already prepared project modules or templates. This makes the development process comparable in terms of time, cost and complexity to adopting prepackaged market solutions.


These are the reasons why some of the most important companies in the facilities, retail and manufacturing industries have chosen our low-code technology to create warehouse management systems tailored to their needs. They have obtained solutions that go beyond market standards and make it possible to enhance existing enterprise processes. This results in change management with the least possible impact on personnel.

Thanks to WebRatio Platform’s low code, the warehouse management system of a facility services company has been adapted to the corporate structure, organized with primary and secondary warehouses, with over 140 customers and more than 20,000 orders handled per month.


Another company we have helped is a global manufacturer of escalators and elevators present in over 180 countries. Their business efficiency is based on the exploitation of mobile warehouses in service vans. Using WebRatio Platform, the company’s warehouse management system has been extended and added mobile functionality, with an app for smartphones and tablets used by maintenance technicians. By scanning a QR code, it is possible to keep track of available and used items in the vans, sharing information with the central warehouse and among all maintenance workers in the field. This system allows the company to send in the closest van to a given malfunction with the correct parts, leading to a significant decrease in intervention times, improving customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs. Our system makes refueling activities more efficient as well.


Thanks to the flexibility of WebRatio Platform, management software can also be integrated with internal billing, budget and business intelligence systems without interrupting internal processes and while involving all the roles in charge (from warehouse workers and managers to local and national managers and administrators). The integrated system sends notifications of the activities carried out, requests and any discrepancies found during the delivery phase.


If we add predictive machine learning technology to all these functions, as we did for food product management in our planning system, the warehouse management system will be able to accurately estimate the real needs for goods and estimate cost based on historical data of supplies, movements, seasonality and prices. This can reduce waste and cost, making warehouse management truly smart.


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May 24, 2021 / WebRatio

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