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Digital food production planning: the Digital Transformation in catering

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Digital food production planning: the Digital Transformation in catering

One of the greatest advantages of Digital Transformation is the simplification and automation of processes that allows you to speed up and standardize work routines, as well as to store information, for tracking, monitoring and optimizing activities.

The world of food service is opening up to this transformation and can get many advantages, in the production planning, in food supply and distribution, from ingredients and recipes to ready-to-eat dishes served to customers.


Thanks to the technology of WebRatio Platform, recently one of the most famous retailers in the world has started using a digital food production planning solution, tested in its 21 stores in Italy and soon in use all over the world. The solution, thanks to a web application and a mobile app, connects the activities of Food Managers with those of Chefs in the kitchens, allowing them to supervise production, plan menus, estimate the ingredients necessary for preparation and manage the inventory for orders to suppliers.


The system is multi-channel, multi-user and uses predictive machine learning technology to estimate food production, basing the calculations on historical sales data, seasonality, weather and more.


The advantages achieved through the usage of this digital solution are innumerable, starting from the standardization of work routines, which levels out the behavior in the entire production chain and leads to the reduction of procedures errors, with a consequent increase in the food quality and food waste reduction.

Having a single digital place of control allows the company to save natural resources as well as to reduce production and management costs.



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November 18, 2020 / WebRatio

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