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The real No Vendor Lock-In also comes from the modularity of WebRatio Platform

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The real No Vendor Lock-In also comes from the modularity of WebRatio Platform

WebRatio's Low-Code was initially developed for web applications, then expanded to include business process management and automation. Subsequently, mobile app development was added, and now it's even possible to create back-end applications as microservices, integrable with OpenAPI standards.   

We've progressed from a potential single application development to four. However, what makes WebRatio Platform unique is its modularity and complete absence of vendor lock-in: each application is an independent component capable of interacting with other applications built with the platform or with external elements already in place and developed with other technologies.  

Do you want to connect an external front end to the backend? Or perhaps you're using a BPM engine and want to integrate a new application built with WebRatio Platform (maybe mobile)? It's always possible through the APIs managed automatically by the platform.  


"The integration between WebRatio's low-code BPM technology and the financial engine developed by us is the tool that allows us to gain a competitive advantage over our European competitors. I have never found any platform with the same speed, simplicity, and development flexibility."  

CTO - Fintech


WebRatio doesn't limit any developer to using only applications and elements created within the development environment. This enables the modularization (and simplification) of digital innovation within companies: need to modernize a legacy application? You can start from just the front end or, conversely, from managing backend data and services. It depends, for example, on whether the application is customer-facing or for internal use.   

The modular use of our platform is another example of the difference between a No-Code technology for Citizen Developers, who can create applications for simple tasks, and true Low-Code for Pro Developers, with which to build even highly complex enterprise applications. 


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April 15, 2024 / WebRatio

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