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Leading the Digital Transformation

Design Thinking is for exploring the problem, Lean Startup is for coming up with the right solution, and Agile development is for building the solution the best way possible.


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Leading for 20 years

It's a whitepaper for those who have to manage digitalization projects and want to follow a methodology consolidated by 20 years of collaboration with companies such as Gewiss, Acer, and A2A.
In the report, you will find analysis and explanations of topics such as...

  • 2019-2022: The global digital market continues to grow
  • How to be a leader in Digital Transformation: deas and practical tips to manage a transformation project in a company
  • Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile development: the combined methodology for achieving digital transformation
  • Choosing low-code for the combined methodology
  • A case study: The methodology applied. Exever and the digitalization of the "heat chain"

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A combined methodology for leading the Digital Transformation

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