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WebRatio to show an example of the "Internet of (Green) Things" at 2015’s Arduino Day in Milan

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WebRatio to show an example of the "Internet of (Green) Things" at 2015’s Arduino Day in Milan


March 28, 2015 is the second edition of the Arduino Day, a day dedicated to the important Italian open source platform, Arduino.

The event will be hosted by Login and WeMake, respectively the largest coworking technology space and a leading fabrication lab in Milan.

From 11h00 to 18h00, guests will participate in demos, workshops, and product presentations in the facility, which is larger than 2,000 square meters.

There will be a variety of projects shown, ranging from the use of 3D printers to applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). Common denominators for all projects at the event are Arduino and self-production. This year also includes space devoted to Cloud computing.



WebRatio will be at the event and will bring a Web app that was created with WebRatio Platform. We will present an "Internet of (Green) Things" project that shows how to use technology to grow a vegetable garden. The front-end, layout and UX application were designed and implemented by the WebRatio team in less than three days.



The garden technology (www.internetofgreens.com)  is made by combining the skills and technologies of complementary partners: WebRatio, the platform for the rapid creation of applications (also in IoT); cloud computing from Enter Cloud SuiteWemake facilities and skills; the expertise of the Arduino User Group Milanese community; the lights of Greentown and the care of Mariella Bussolati.

This is a work-in-progress housed in the premises of WeMake and involving the community from the March 28 Arduino Day.

A Web app created with WebRatio Platform is connected to an infrastructure cloud, showing real-time parameters of sensors implanted in the installation that detect the garden’s humidity, temperature, conductivity and pH. These sensors are connected to circuits that automatically irrigate and provide the garden with nutrients when necessary. Special grow lamps as well as natural lighting illuminate everything.

This projects clearly demonstrates the flexibility of WebRatio Platform and is proof that it can be applied to any field, including the Internet of Things, to quickly develop solutions that serve the needs of users, developers and enterprises.

March 27, 2015 / WebRatio

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