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WebRatio Platform: 60% more productive than other Low-Code

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WebRatio Platform: 60% more productive than other Low-Code

The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG), an independent global organization for the analysis of the IT industry, has analyzed the productivity difference between traditional programming (High Code) and Low-Code technology.

The report Analysis of Productivity of Projects Developed in Low Code Development Technology shows the results of a function point analysis[1] : an average time of 8.3 hours is required to create a function point[2]  with traditional programming languages such as .Net or Java, while only 1.8 hours are needed with Low-Code technologies. 

This difference demonstrates a 4,6[3]  times higher productivity ratio for Low-Code technologies compared to High Code, which means a three-digit return on investment and a 460% decrease in production costs per function point, as also described in the example provided by ISBSG in its report.


Even more productive with WebRatio Platform

From the same method of function point analysis, the report carried out using WebRatio Platform[4]  shows that it takes on average only 1.13 hours to create a function point, which means a 60% increase in productivity compared to other Low-Code which need 1.8 hours.

Moreover, compared to the time required for 8.3 hours with traditional programming languages, a ratio of more than 700%[5]  is confirmed and consequently also increases the ratio of Returns on Investments, reducing software production costs.


A complete platform, from business process orchestration to the smallest detail of UX

The difference in productivity from other Low-Code platforms is mainly based on the completeness of the entire suite of Low-Code tools in WebRatio Platform. Its many features range from the publication of web services to the modeling of APIs, the definition of innovative features to the modeling of the interaction with the application, the design and orchestration of processes, and the creation of unique interfaces with drag and drop and custom widgets. All these tools allow you to eliminate the need to write code almost completely, increasing the speed of development beyond all limits, but at the same time leaving the freedom of expression and personalization useful for increasing the differentiating value of the web and mobile applications, compared to standard solutions on the market.


Read the WebRatio Platform productivity report >



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June 27, 2022 / WebRatio

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