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WebRatio Platform 9.0 Enterprise Edition has reached General Availability

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WebRatio Platform 9.0 Enterprise Edition has reached General Availability

After a long phase that saw the creation of the Beta Program and the release of the Community and Professional editions, WebRatio Platform Enterprise Edition has now reached General Availability and is available for all companies that want to digitalize and automate complex business processes


A new version, even more Low-Code and productive

After dozens of enterprise applications and hundreds of user feedback, the new WebRatio Low-Code platform is available for all Pro and Business Developers, with a new development approach and new tools:

  • Project Modularizazion
    The development is no longer composed of a single and monolithic project but has a modular structure permitting reuse for the composition of applications, simplifying maintenance, and allowing usage of DevOps practices 
    The data structure, features, graphic templates with widgets, and components to add extra features are managed in separate modules in order to compose projects as desired and simplify the scale process from pilot projects to enterprise applications.




An example of the new development architecture of a web project with WebRatio Platform 9


  • Microservices architecture is used to provide a more modern approach to development, simplify the creation and reuse of features, and, always with a modular approach, move from the development of monolithic projects (difficult to manage) to the creation of composable projects (easier to update, edit, and scale).
  • UI Designer is used with a WYSIWYG system to accelerate the interface customization with outstanding quality in every detail, even creating custom widgets for an unmatched user experience.
  • App Theming is used to customize even the look and feel of the application down to the smallest detail and accelerate the application of the brand identity with the reuse of graphic themes.
  • Process Modeling is used to design the processes that orchestrate the application and automation of digital processes with the BPMN 2.0 standard in order to bring a new Digital Process Automation approach to the company.
  • API Modeling is used to quickly create applications that can be natively integrated with preexisting or external systems, also using external services, without having to develop them from scratch.


Always with open technologies and without vendor lock-in

Although the new version of WebRatio Platform has a new approach, a new architecture, and new tools, our philosophy is always the same: we only use open technologies so that we are able to release applications on any server and avoid binding our customers and partners to vendor lock-in strategies.


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March 27, 2023 / WebRatio

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