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WebRatio Platform: 9 times faster than standard programming languages

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WebRatio Platform: 9 times faster than standard programming languages

DDway, a company that is part of the Dedagroup ICT Network, has carried out a study on the productivity gained with the WebRatio Platform in application development. A document by the company shows the calculation of Function Point, that is, the number of functionalities you can create with the WebRatio Platform.

The study describes how the results shown in the following schema were calculated and prove that application development with WebRatio Platform is 9 times faster than with standard Java technologies.


Table from www.drdobbs.com and referred to the study of ISBSG


The development speed and agility are possible thanks to the model-driven approach. Developers can write only a few lines of code and visually define the back-end, the front-end, and the business logics of the application. The WebRatio Platform performs all of the remaining processes: It automatically generates the Java code (standard and open to making modifications to the source code), and it allows you to deploy the application with one click, making it ready to be used by customers or employers.


July 24, 2015 / WebRatio

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