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Mobile: surveys and predictions. WebRatio Platform is the right tool for enterprise strategy

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Mobile: surveys and predictions. WebRatio Platform is the right tool for enterprise strategy

In October 2014, Gartner published the paper "Survey Analysis: Enterprise Mobile App Development Spend Is Increasing, While Platform Choice Remains Tactical" where analyst Adrian Loew provided interesting insights about Organizations' mobile apps adoption. Most of the companies surveyed, in fact, plans to increase spending on mobile development and iPhone, iPad and Android Phone are the preferred platforms. Native architectures are the most frequently used for custom-developed mobile apps, but organizations are choosing to change mobile architectures with successful results.

WebRatio Mobile can be a tactical tool in the future of mobile strategy because it will help companies optimize their spending investment by offering a fast approach that lowers development time and cost by 70%.

With WebRatio Mobile, companies can take advantage of this quick and easy way to create cross-platform apps, for both iOS and Android. These apps offer the same user interface as native applications but are much faster to develop and deliver, which helps companies respond to fast-changing market needs.

Gartner analysts and Forrester analysts predict, for 2015, the emergence of rapid development tools and low-code platforms.

The emerging need for rapid development cycles and the ability to respond to fast-changing requirements suggests the usage of WebRatio Mobile. This low-code platform for rapid development lets developers define applications visually, without writing a single line of code.

In the next few years, mobile apps will become even more pervasive than now and will become a strategic technological asset for companies. Decision-makers cannot ignore the importance of mobile in their enterprises and must select the right strategy to lead their companies into the digital era.

Visit the Mobile section for further information about how WebRatio Mobile can help companies with mobile app development.

December 9, 2014 / WebRatio

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