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The low-code technology of WebRatio for supply chain management

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The low-code technology of WebRatio for supply chain management

Supply chain control, from purchase to material transformation and sale, is essential for competing in the market and for increasing operational effectiveness by exploiting the opportunities of the most modern digital technologies. The transformation of information systems with Web technologies allows data sharing in real time, extension beyond the company’s physical perimeter and integration with existing or external systems. The benefits increase exponentially if companies add to these features the ability to have activity tracking and orchestration in a single digital place.


This is the reason why one of the largest trading companies, a global leader in steel trading and distribution, which operates in 115 countries with over 49,000 customers, has renewed its company material management system with WebRatio Platform, developed with
an Agile methodology and low-code technology for industrial quality applications suited to the specificity of internal processes, which differentiate the company in its market and bring a real competitive advantage.


Using an activity analysis for developing and improving performance, an end-to-end online supply chain management system has been realized, which allows over 250 people to manage all processes related to purchases, storage, materials processing, sales, shipping, and delivery. The system is available both as a Web application for company operators and as a Mobile app for logistics personnel.


Once again, the solutions developed with WebRatio are contributing to companies’ digital transformations, thanks to their ability to combine implementation speed with the customization necessary for competitive differentiation, thus always guaranteeing high quality standards.


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March 23, 2021 / WebRatio

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