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The roadmap for WebRatio Platform 9: Beta program ends, and Community Edition will be available soon

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The roadmap for WebRatio Platform 9: Beta program ends, and Community Edition will be available soon

Roberto, what has been the path for WebRatio Platform 9 since the beginning of the Beta program?

R.A.: The Beta program, which started last November, has had a good number of members who have sent valuable feedback to our development team. We were thus able to optimize new tools, such as the User Interface Designer, as well as existing ones, to offer a user experience that meets the needs of our developer community.

In recent months, we have released the three main platform development features—Web, Mobile, and BPA—with as many presentation webinars to show live how the simplicity and development speed of our low-code technology has increased compared with previous versions. The demonstration took place in the field and not just in the testing phase: in two weeks, we created and put online a Web Order system that extends a corporate ERP with a customized user experience according to the customer's needs.


So, what results has the roadmap given so far?

R.A.: This first Beta phase of WebRatio Platform 9 will end on June 30, and we can say that the results so far have been evident, both from the point of view of participation and with regard to the quality of the product that we have managed to achieve during this period, thanks to the involvement of companies and professionals. Even in the recent period of social distancing, our development team has never stopped: it has given 100% to creating the latest version of WebRatio. We can say that WebRatio Platform 9 is the smartest version we have ever made, especially because it has been developed via smart working.


After the Beta phase, what are the next steps for WebRatio Platform 9?

R.A.: The roadmap is rich and will see many deadlines: in the coming weeks, we will release the Community Edition, a free downloadable edition that will provide the opportunity to experience the main features of WebRatio Platform 9. This will allow users to experience the advantages of the improvements that we have made to our low-code technology, using the Web, Mobile and BPA development features, which simplify project management and integration. 

For the editions dedicated to businesses, you will have to wait a few more weeks: the first to come out will be the Professional Edition, which will give freelancers and small groups of professionals the opportunity to develop Web and Mobile projects; subsequently, we will release the Enterprise Edition, which is dedicated to the development teams of medium-large companies. This will allow users to create more complex and structured projects with the possibility of also exploiting automation with BPA technology.


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June 24, 2020 / WebRatio

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