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The returns on the investment of the Digital Transformation with low-code

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The returns on the investment of the Digital Transformation with low-code

The main dimensions of the success of a Digital Transformation project are three: innovation, efficiency and experience, as the Vanson Bourne company defines in its research dedicated to this topic. The study was carried out on 1150 international decision makers, of which 75 were Italian, and shows that the expected average return expectations of transformation projects is 17% and in Italy, 15.3%. Furthermore, managers expect a cost reduction of 10% (16% in Italy), an increase in productivity of 11% (13% in Italy) and a contribution to company growth of 10% (16% in Italy).


Through our customers’ success stories, we can compare the research results with those obtained with the WebRatio Platform low-code technology, observing a significant improvement in results in all industries, and we take two exemplary cases:


AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering, Construction)

4Days states that thanks to the implementation of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) system with low-code technology, its customers have obtained:

●     ROI: 50% per year

●     Cost reduction: 20-30%

●     Productivity increase: 20-30%


Manufacturing industry

Be For, a company that worked with us to build a solution that integrates RPA and BPA technologies for Ricoh, claims to have achieved results, such as:

●     ROI: 100-200% per year (which is equivalent to a payback period between 6 and 12 months)

●     Increase in process automation: 75-85%

●     Productivity increase: 30-40%


The use of digital is a success factor in all sectors, because transformation is not only technological, but also cultural, and customers, as well as professionals, are now accustomed to innovation’s benefits. Corporate competitive strategies must include technologies from their definition, thus becoming a fundamental expense item in the business budget.

These results clearly show how low-code simplifies the development of these technologies, bringing the benefits of Digital Transformation with an immediate return, even within 6-12 months, decreasing investment risk, thanks to solutions quality, drastically reducing the maintenance cost and increasing productivity considerably, thanks to digitization and automation of processes.


The combination of the short time of the return on investment in the large increase in productivity allows companies to allocate their budgets on primary activities, such as products and services innovation, internal and external logistics and operations optimization, but also to marketing and sales, to reach customers more easily and go beyond satisfying their needs.


By producing these results, low-code simplifies the achievement of business goals, because it permits digital technology to be a lever at the service of companies and not an additional barrier to entry and participation in the competitive environment.



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December 22, 2020 / WebRatio

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