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Spare parts management: Low-Code development for the mobile warehouse management solution

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Spare parts management: Low-Code development for the mobile warehouse management solution

Spare parts management is a key component of service Management, as having the necessary elements in the right place at the right time allows for considerable time and resource savings, reduces operating costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

From an economic point of view, in fact, disorganized management and non-punctual control can lead to a dizzying increase in warehouse management costs. Spare parts can be lost or never used, and the inventory process can become a long and expensive activity.


These considerations have led a global manufacturer of escalators and elevators in more than 180 countries to want to simplify the management of more than 100,000 movements per year among its warehouses: 30 standard warehouses and more than 500 mobile warehouses. This means that vans of maintenance technicians, with their own inventory of incoming and outgoing items, will prove useful for the maintenance of the 90,000 sites where the company's installations are present.


WebRatio's Low-Code technology has made it possible to create a non-standard spare parts management software solution in less time and with fewer resources compared with the pre-packaged alternatives on the market. In this way, the company has been able to preserve the uniqueness of its business processes and to differentiate itself from the standard digital processes available to the entire competitive market—processes found in on-the-shelf software packages. 


Through a mobile app, maintenance technicians can manage the inventory of their mobile warehouse, looking for the items present and also checking the availability of spare parts in their colleagues' vans if necessary. It is possible to transfer items to and from other warehouses, mobile or static, to record the installation of the items in the systems on which maintenance is carried out. It is also possible to open reports in the event of problems. Thanks to the integration with the company's SAP system, the application is able to check that all the parts installed have also been correctly billed.



Administrators and branch managers manage and supervise all warehouses through a web application, where they can check all stocks, view movements between warehouses, complete inventory, and perform the reconciliation of all items. They can also manage deliveries from suppliers, to whom a section of the application is dedicated to register and control outbound shipments from their warehouses.


This mobile warehouse management software solution is just one example of how, with Low-Code technology, it is possible to modernize and even innovate company processes in a fraction of the time and with industrial-level quality.


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November 30, 2021 / WebRatio

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