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SmartWineTasting transforms wine tasting experience with WebRatio

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SmartWineTasting transforms wine tasting experience with WebRatio

SmartWineTasting is a young startup but with very clear ideas about customers’ needs in the wine market, that of transforming the tasting experience using the digital system, making it 4.0, and then being able to exploit all the collectible data to create new value.

The company wants WebRatio to implement the new business model and create a digital system that will make wine tasting “smart”.

“The Agile approach that WebRatio uses,” says Gabor Kothenc, co-founder of the company, “allows you to have extremely rapid development cycles, which lets you immediately test the functionality of the solution with a working version and make changes (almost) in time real”.

WebRatio’s approach and development platforms are perfectly suitable for the development of solutions that have a very short time-to-market and which have such a high degree of innovation that it requires continuous feedback from the market and rapid changes to adapt immediately to customers’ needs.

December 5, 2018 / WebRatio

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