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Smart Services: WebRatio Low-Code and Servitly No-Code for a strategic partnership

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Smart Services: WebRatio Low-Code and Servitly No-Code for a strategic partnership

Servitly is a no-code platform dedicated to machinery and equipment manufacturers that want to add value to their offers thanks to Connected Services. It leverages IoT technologies to collect data generated by connected products and transform that data into useful information. Then, it performs all the workflows necessary to create, transfer and capture value for end customers and for the entire supply chain.


Thanks to collaboration with WebRatio's Low-Code technology, Smart Services’ possible applications become practically unlimited: web and mobile apps, integrations with internal and external systems, new functions and digital automations customized down to the smallest detail according to the business model, processes and information systems for manufacturing companies that want to bring their products to the 4.0 level.


Connected services include remote management and control for machinery users, advanced maintenance for after-sales personnel, consultancy for performance and cost reduction, reporting, calculation of environmental impact and the possibility to offer products as a service.


This partnership has already seen the creation of integrated solutions in HVAC, home automation, components and work-safety industries. The strategic goal is to simplify and accelerate the technological transition of companies that want to transform products digitally, drastically reducing the time and resources spent while guaranteeing quality and the ability to customize solutions that exceed market standards.


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November 8, 2022 / WebRatio

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