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OMG Technical Meeting: an interview with Richard Soley about the standardization of IFML

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OMG Technical Meeting: an interview with Richard Soley about the standardization of IFML

On 28 and 29 April, WebRatio participated at M2M Forum, a key event in the Italian Internet of Things (IoT) space. This event was one of the highlights of the "disruptive week", a meeting of companies that took place in Milan. Participants were able to meet and talk about the digital revolution that is reshaping not only social contexts, but also business models.

During the two days conference sessions covered IoT, as well as smart and emerging technologies, with particular focus on Smart Energy, Smart Mobility and Smart Payments.

WebRatio was at the event with its business partner Eurotech SpA to present its solution for IoT enterprise application development. Using the language IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language, an OMG standard) it’s possible to create end-to-end IoT solutions, integrating them with Eurotech Everyware Cloud. This is an out-of-the-box connector available to generate applications already integrated with Big Data and ready to deploy in the IoT world.

Stefano Butti, CEO of WebRatio, and Tiziano Modotti, M2M Products and Solutions Sales Manager of Eurotech, spoke to the M2M Forum audience on "The value of connecting machines with business". They explained how businesses can benefit from IoT systems, using them to obtain data and analytics (Smart Data) that otherwise would not be possible to have, and to use that Smart Data to quickly respond to the demands of agile and dynamic markets.

One example is the recent eventOmeters project. It was created in collaboration with WebRatio and the startup Fluxedo. Data from social networks can be integrated with the sensor data supplied by Eurotech IoT and can be analyzed and made available through Web dashboard or the mobile App, for easy reference that is available at all times.

WebRatio wants to help companies and professionals thrive in the age of digital business, as they take advantage of the full potential of emerging technologies: Social, Mobile, and Cloud IoT. WebRatio is the ideal partner to create IoT business applications (IoT Apps) in an agile, quick and simple way that connects hardware, sensors, and data networks and meets the needs of businesses that want to offer unique and innovative services to their customers.

Interview with Richard Soley (President of the Object Management Group) about the standardization of IFML

Between March 23 and 27, the Technical Meeting of the OMG (Object Management Group) was held in Reston, Virginia. WebRatio was a sponsor of the event and presented the modeling language IFML to the Analysis & Design Platform Task Force (ADTF).

Marco Brambilla, member of the Scientific Committee of WebRatio, and Emanuele Molteni, VP and GM of WebRatio North America, outlined a summary of the path to standardization of IFML, which culminated with the formalization of IFML 1.0 on March 25.

IFML has been used with WebRatio Platform and there are some examples of successful cases in industry that clearly demonstrate the benefits of the modeling language and the rapid development platform.

The interest in IFML was demonstrated by the questions of the event’s participants. They were especially curious about the relationship and integration with other OMG standards, such as UML, which are very strong in IFML.

To further confirm the standardization of IFML 1.0, Richard Soley, Chairman of OMG, allowed us to have an exclusive video interview with him. In the interview, he expressed his interest in a language that now covers an aspect of development that OMG standards hadn’t previously addressed: User Interaction (UI).

May 4, 2015 / WebRatio

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