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OMG adopts the IFML standard, designed by WebRatio

OMG adopts the IFML standard, designed by WebRatio

During the meeting held in Reston, Virginia, on March 212013, the Object Management Group (OMG) board approved the adoption of the IFML standard, mainly designed and proposed by WebRatio. The Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) indeed has been designed as an evolution of the Web Modeling Language (WebML), the visual language created by WebRatio more than 10 years ago and used for the automatic generation of Web applications.

IFML generalizes the WebML concepts from the Web domain to any type of domain. IFML has been included by OMG in the "MODELING AND METADATA SPECIFICATIONS" category, among other well-known standards such as UML. The technical specifications of the modeling language are published directly on the OMG website, at the following link omg.org/spec/IFML.
You can find more information about IFML and how to use it on the website dedicated to the standard ifml.org.

Stefano Butti, WebRatio CEO, defines this event as “a great pride for our company, born as a startup 12 years ago, that sees today its own creation approved as an international standard. The OMG committee congratulated us for the quality and accuracy of the work and the proof was the language’s acceptance rapidity.
An instant and unanimous decision. The ADTF (Analysis and Design Platform Task Force) members of OMG (the evaluation committee of standardization in the modeling field -editor's note-), including representatives of companies such as Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and IBM, have realized the usefulness and the benefits of IFML language, that targets its scope to an "uncovered" area in the actual OMG standards: the front-end of applications.
With the dizzying systems and hardware evolution, the User Interaction (UI) dynamics through a Web browser, an application window, a mobile device or a touch screen of an electrical appliance or a car, are getting more and more importance, and the IFML standard offers an easy and intuitive modeling language to address their specific. If we also add the ability of WebRatio to automatically generate applications, it's magic!

What are the next steps for this international standard? "IFML will be in Beta for one year. In this period OMG will gather feedback from the public for possible enhancements. On March 2014 the stable 1.0 version of IFML will be finalized.
So we're not at the end of a path, but only at the beginning of a great story

April 18, 2013 / WebRatio

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