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Management Software for Research Centers: WebRatio's Low-Code for Innovative Solutions

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Management Software for Research Centers: WebRatio's Low-Code for Innovative Solutions

The processes related to the research projects and contracts management are often fragmented between different organizations’ departments or even in different sections of the same department, making the management control difficult and the activities less efficient, with a consequent increase in costs.


The not already digitalized activities make management even slower and more burdensome for universities, departments and research laboratories.


These reasons have led one of the most important universities in Italy to adopt an innovative solution to digitize all processes, created with the low-code technology of WebRatio: a single virtual place that allows you to control every phase of management, from the project submission, to the approval of a financing, up to audit and control activities.
The Research Management software solution is now used by 12 departments, hundreds of users including teaching and technical administrative staff, with more than 1000 projects and contracts managed annually.
The system allows you to manage the entire organizational workflow, which can be customized according to the structure of the research center, to create forecast and final budgets, record financing received, and monitor all expenses for project activities and reporting.
It is a complete system that can be integrated with legacy systems. It collects all information and documents related to projects, sends the necessary notifications to stakeholders interested in the continuation of activities, and provides reporting to support governance processes.
The Research Management System is just one of the examples of innovative solutions that can be implemented with WebRatio’s low-code. This technology lets you create new systems, digital processes and functionalities in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. It lets responds better to the needs of stakeholders and serve new markets faster than competitors.


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July 28, 2021 / WebRatio

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