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Webinar “Low-Code is an expression of the business”

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Webinar “Low-Code is an expression of the business”

In the digital era we are living in, the software we create and use is an expression of business, because it allows you to organize, control, accelerate and customize processes and activities in the company, with customers and with business partners.

This requires huge quantities of new software systems and their continuous evolution, but the supply of professional developers is far less than the global demand and traditional development methods cannot keep pace.


Low-Code development responds to these needs, because it simplifies the development of software products, reducing the necessary resources and becoming the link between Business users and Pro developers, facilitating collaboration and improving development results. The speed and quality of Low-Code thus become an expression of business.


Roberto Acerbis (CEO at WebRatio) with the guest speakers John Bratincevic (Principal Analyst at Forrester) and Giulio Cellati (CTO Lending Division at Finwave) will talk about these topics in the webinar to be held on February 16th at 17.00.


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January 19, 2023 / WebRatio

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