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IntegrityView. The digital innovation to assess people’s memory and true intentions

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IntegrityView. The digital innovation to assess people’s memory and true intentions


On February 29, we published integrityview.com, the reference site of the IntegrityView project, a collaboration of the Centro Universitario Internazionale (CUI) with WebRatio under the guidance of Giuseppe Sartori, professor of the University of Padua. It is thanks to Sartori that we have developed the psychological investigation model of the innovative service for the protection of companies and individuals.



IntegrityView is the result of over 10 years of research in cognition and neuroscience. It offers an advanced system of psychological investigation, accomplished through individual testing, that allows you to analyze memory and know the true intentions of the people.

IntegrityView is able to locate memory traces of non-transparent behavior and of doubtful honesty, with a reliability of 90%. It is much more accessible, economical, and accurate than tools such as the polygraph (the classical lie detector).

The survey system evaluates future intentions as well because it applies to so-called "prospective memory" (the memory of actions and events to accomplish in the future).

The digitization of the entire test delivery and completion process allows you to make online tests using the keyboard of your computer, anywhere and at any time, thanks to the Cloud infrastructure of the service.

The goal of IntegrityView is to protect businesses, self-employed professionals, and other individuals from attempts of fraud or wrongdoing of any kind, preventing them through analysis of past events and real intentions of the people with whom you strike a deal or enter into a contract, such as in the case of loans or insurance. The system is applicable to many areas, starting with the bank field, as in the case of the first solution available on the site: Cognitive Credit Scoring, which enables institutions that provide financing to know whether applicants intend to repay the loan (even only in part).



WebRatio is the technological partner of the project for the online publication, taking care of the test management system and delivery. In just four weeks, our team has developed a system based on cloud infrastructure, complete with a back end to create and test management, user administration and customization of the front end, if enterprises wish to apply their visual identity to the tests to be delivered to the candidates.

We are proud to participate in the IntegrityView project because we share its ethical values ​​and core mission: to help companies, professionals, and other individuals prevent fraud and abuse by assessing people’s integrity.

March 9, 2016 / WebRatio

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