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Interaction Flow Modeling Language, the OMG standard designed by WebRatio, is now explained in a book

Interaction Flow Modeling Language, the OMG standard designed by WebRatio, is now explained in a book

3rd December - Morgan Kaufmann, for OMG Press, has published a book written by Marco Brambilla and Piero Fraternali, Interaction Flow Modeling Language: Model-Driven UI Engineering of Web and Mobile Apps with IFML. The book is available in many online stores, including Amazon.com.

The book introduces the reader to Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML), the innovative OMG standard. It discusses the main concepts of the language. It explains how IFML can be applied in practice to the specification and implementation of complex web and mobile applications that feature-rich interactive interfaces, both browser-based and native; client-side components and widgets; and connections to data sources, business logic components and services.

IFML brings the power of conceptual modeling where it is most important: the development of the user interface. This book describes the features of the language and a method for adopting it for the front-end design of any kind of software application. It provides extensive examples and uses cases where the language is put to work in real and realistic scenarios and takes the reader on the voyage from visual specifications of requirements to design and code production.

After the adoption of IFML by OMG as a standard, this book is another great milestone for WebRatio and for all the people who are collaborating to make modeling languages more widely adopted as a development approach. The diffusion of this methodology can benefit development by simplifying and speeding development cycles. The methodology is also making it easier for non-IT people to be more involved in the development process and to actively collaborate with IT.

WebRatio Platform is the tool that put all the book's concepts into practice, offering developers a way to model with IFML, and to take advantage of the latest and most reliable web and mobile technologies.

December 15, 2014 / WebRatio

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