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Smart Gateway App and Restart Wifi, Gewiss IoT apps use our technology

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Smart Gateway App and Restart Wifi, Gewiss IoT apps use our technology

The digital transformation of Gewiss is facilitated by the digital solutions provided by WebRatio. With the app "Smart Gateway App", you can remotely control your home, thanks to its integration with the Gewiss home automation system. Lighting, blinds, scenarios, temperature, and humidity in every environment, anti-intrusion systems, and video cameras; all the products offered by Gewiss communicate with the app through a Smart Gateway connected to the Cloud.

The "Restart Wifi" app allows you to monitor the status of your electrical system anywhere and at any time, obtaining consumption data and sending notifications that warn of any power failure or reactivation. In the presence of a ReStart with Autotest function, the "Restart Wifi" app also allows you to perform, at any time, a test of the differential switch without removing power from the system.

Our low-code technology and rapid development approach have been the tools with which we have collaborated with Gewiss along the constant path that the company makes towards digital innovation.

March 11, 2019 / WebRatio

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