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Gartner: WebRatio BPM Platform mentioned in the guide to the market of BPM platforms

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Gartner: WebRatio BPM Platform mentioned in the guide to the market of BPM platforms

In May, Gartner published a study on the BPM platform market, indicating how these tools can help professionals and companies to transform and digitalize business processes.

Dunie Rob and Michele Cantara, Gartner analysts, explain how, in a fragmented market where the offering of model-driven BPM platforms is wide and diversified, it is important to distinguish between different types of platforms based on their capacity (from basic functionalities up to advanced suite). Selecting the right tool allows companies to meet their real business needs and have a development environment that allows quickly creating solutions that simplify business processes and help achieve business goals.



WebRatio BPM Platform is mentioned in the document Market Guide to Business Process Management Platforms because it is a high-productivity BPM platform that enables developers and business analysts to quickly create applications based on business processes. The platform shortens the development time for solutions, and it helps developers focus their work on both software development and business process life cycles. This capacity makes it possible to create high-quality applications that improve business performance by automating and digitalizing processes. The applications created are flexible and ready for the change of business processes on which they are based, as well as to always follow business goals, even in a highly dynamic market.

WebRatio BPM Platform is a model-driven tool available on-premises or as a platform-as-a-service (bpmPaaS) option. It allows the creation of custom applications, with a very detailed user experience design, thanks to the possibility to define users’ interaction with the BPM application through interaction flow modeling language (IFML).



“Because they leverage model-driven execution, BPM platforms accelerate the time-to-market for an application in a flexible, built-for-change way. Furthermore, as more capabilities like mobile device support, cloud-based process design and/or execution, and service integration become more mature, these platforms are being used to replace traditional application development platforms as a one-stop-shop for building process-intensive applications.”

This vision by Gartner confirms WebRatio BPM Platform is an innovative solution aligned to today’s needs. It concentrates all the functionality required by the market, including mobility, integration with third-party services, and usage of cloud infrastructure. The platform enables rapid development of applications that meet the needs of companies in continuous change seeking a unique tool to create solutions tailored to their businesses.



In July, version 8.4 of WebRatio BPM Platform, which uses an extremely light and high-performance BPM engine, based on a scalable Java architecture that can run in a Java container (e.g., Apache Camel, Fuse jBoss by Red Hat, Mule ESB), was released. The platform also allows the user to build a customized mobile app that can execute business processes and improve productivity, mobility, and collaboration between users and managers.


The benefits of WebRatio BPM Platform are various: You can quickly develop prototypes of Web applications and mobile apps to immediately see working solutions and to reduce investment risks; it does not limit a company to proprietary technologies usage because the generated code is open and standard (even if you use the WebRatio BPM engine); it allows you to create tailored front-end UI (maintaining consistency and uniqueness of corporate visual identity); and it supports users’ mobility because it allows you to work on the process using a BPM app from any device, desktop or mobile, with a consistent user experience on all interfaces.

Watch the online tutorial that describes how to create your first application based on business processes and discover all the features of WebRatio BPM Platform.

August 5, 2015 / WebRatio

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