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Eventometers to debut at Fuorisalone. Mobile App integrates with sensors, IoT, and social analytics to track success of events

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Eventometers to debut at Fuorisalone. Mobile App integrates with sensors, IoT, and social analytics to track success of events

Fuorisalone 2015 will have the debut of a new product for collaboration between innovative companies participating in the event. The new product is called Eventometers, and was created by WebRatio, Fluxedo and Eurotech.

Eventometers will enable interaction with the participants at Fuorisalone and analysis of the results of the Milan event.

The Fuorisalone App helps you decide which events to follow, create a personal agenda, share on social media, and know in real time what events are attended by your friends.We will have a Web application that allows views, in real time, showing what are the most interesting topics for the public. This is done thanks to the analysis of geo hashtag territory.

We will also demonstrate the integration of data from stereo cameras that can automatically count the flow of people in particular environments, and camcorders that detect the proximity of points of interest or that profile the public.


The Eventometers project

Eventometers, is a collaboration between three business partners who offer complementary products and services in the world in the development of Web and Mobile Apps for the Internet of Things (IoT), and analyze activity on social networks. In particular, Eventometers allow businesses and event organizers to increase the effectiveness of their events, involving participants and being able to rely on certain measures for the analysis of returns on investment in trade fairs, music, sports and in general of any gathering of people.


WebRatio, a leading provider of tools, methods and services for the rapid production of customized applications, has decided to develop Eventometers with Fluxedo, an innovative start-up founded with common roots in applied research projects of the Milan Polytechnic. We will integrate data from IoT sensors made available with Eurotech’s cloud technology.

WebRatio and Eurotech, Red Hat Advanced Business Partner, have recently announced the strengthening of their partnership within new IoT applications for Mobile and Web.

April 15, 2015 / WebRatio

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