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Eupragma and WebRatio: BPM and low-code for the Business Process Reengineering

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Eupragma and WebRatio: BPM and low-code for the Business Process Reengineering

"We met WebRatio 9 years ago, when we had to develop a very complex and structured web application; we were immediately struck by the conceptual framework of the platform, by the visual methodology and by the speed and simplicity of development "- says Marco Lotti, Senior Consultant Partner at Eupragma, management consulting company for strategic business development, for years our partner in IT systems development for enterprise customers. Among the services of Eupragma are central the business processes reorganization and innovation activities, in support of which - explains Lotti - “it is increasing the demand for custom applications that are perfectly suited to companies process and business model, because these are the factors that must drive the technology and not the other way around. Otherwise, there is a risk of standardizing the activities depending on the functionality and versatility of the applications on the market, losing the competitive advantage that is essentially found in product/service differentiation."

"The development platform is not only fast and versatile, suitable for any application" - continues Lotti - "but the IFML language modeling approach allows us to seamlessly integrate the our analysis and process reengineering phase (which we define with the BPMN notation) and the following application prototyping phase, accomplished in real time, and the subsequent rapid and error-free development of the solutions conceived. In this way our process analysis and innovation activities are perfectly integrated with those of development with the WebRatio platform and of collaboration with the company team, where we have found high professionalism and competence, and available people who care about quality of customer relationships and needs, demonstrated by the continuous innovation of the platform, for which WebRatio heavily invests in research and development."



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October 21, 2019 / WebRatio

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