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At Business Process Management Conference Europe 2015, WebRatio will preview the new "Mobile BPM"

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At Business Process Management Conference Europe 2015, WebRatio will preview the new "Mobile BPM"

15 to 18 June 2015. London will host the "Business Process Management Europe 2015", where you can discover the most recent approaches and innovative ideas in business processes automation and optimization. You will be able to explore the contributions of leading companies and professionals in a mix of workshops and presentations that will highlight all aspects of the BPM world.

The event will be co-located with the Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2015, and the attending companies and professionals will discuss synergies and integration of the two areas of interest.

WebRatio will be present at the event to preview a new capability of WebRatio platform that is a meeting point between Business Process Management and mobile portability.

Starting with version 8.4 of WebRatio Platform, the development environment will have the "Mobile BPM" functionality, with which you can add mobile App usage to business processes defined using BPMN notation.

Enterprise applications, contributing to process digitization and automation, will be used either via the web or from a mobile App, seamlessly.

In this way, those who use a business application can access it online from a PC. If they have to leave their desks, they will be able to continue working through a tablet or smartphone, without interrupting their activities.

The new feature "mobile BPM" demonstrates the commitment of WebRatio in its continuous search for innovative solutions to support companies in simplifying and improving business processes, facilitating management, collaboration and increasing productivity.

Apps are now a major technological asset for companies, because they add strategic support to employees and collaborators who are mobile, and because they allow companies to reach customers more easily using productivity.

WebRatio Platform provides unique technology to create an App that is completely customized, saving 70% of time and cost development compared to the development with a traditional approach. The App can be complete with CMS for managing and updating content, thanks to the development environment of WebRatio.

May 29, 2015 / WebRatio

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