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BE FOR and WebRatio: a combination enabling Digital Process Automation

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BE FOR and WebRatio: a combination enabling Digital Process Automation

BE FOR is an italian group, expert in technological and process innovations that aims, through optimization, digitalisation and process automation, to help companies achieve operational excellence, saving time and costs and, consequently, improving work performance. This is also the goal of WebRatio, which offers its low-code development technology and digital transformation experience at the service of companies.
In this digital business era it is essential to innovate processes, choosing enabling technologies which allow a real company transformation and bring an immediate return on investment, from 6 to 12 months. This is the reason why BE FOR proposes the usage of WebRatio's rapid development technology: business process management applications for web and mobile digital solutions developed in a fraction of time, with a considerable resources saving.

"The meeting between WebRatio technology and BE FOR experience realizes all the Digital Transformation pillars: Computerization, Automation, Dematerialization, Virtualization, Mobility and Artificial Intelligence. All these ingredients let us bring a concrete transformation into companies, to support them in reaching new business goals"
Roberto Acerbis

June 19, 2019 / WebRatio

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