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BA Conference Europe 2015. WebRatio presents IFML as solution to develop codelessly

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BA Conference Europe 2015. WebRatio presents IFML as solution to develop codelessly


On September 21-23 at the Victoria Plaza in London, UK, the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2015 will take place.

This is a unique networking opportunity for business analysts from across Europe and beyond. The conference provides an interactive forum where they can meet, discuss and debate how best to rise to the challenges faced by their organizations today and in the future. There will be 12 pre-conference workshops and five conference tracks with more than 40 sessions with a focus on company case studies.



WebRatio will be at the event and will present the Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) as a solution for business analysts to develop without writing code.

Stefano Butti, CEO of WebRatio, will have a session on the topic “Is Codeless Development Possible for BAs? From theory to a real example (using this event’s App)” on Tuesday, September 22 from 12:55 to 13:20.

Butti will discuss codeless or low-code development, the relation between model-driven architecture and user interaction layer definition, IFML as a possible solution for business analysts, the experience of WebRatio in this field and the 9x increase of productivity thanks to the use of IFML.



IFML helps create faster and easier mobile and Web apps, such as the official app of IRM UK, the institution that holds the BA Conference and many others events.

The App has been developed codeless with IFML with the WebRatio Mobile Platform in only two weeks, including the creation of an online content management system (CMS) to manage all information about upcoming events.

September 8, 2015 / WebRatio

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