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The advantages of DPA for all company roles: From process digitalization to governance simplification

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The advantages of DPA for all company roles: From process digitalization to governance simplification

One of the distinctive features ofi WebRatio Platform is the design of processes with modeling in BPMN because it allows you to visually design the business processes that take place through the various web and mobile applications, defining the participants, the tasks, the sub-processes, the flow of messages and notifications, the automatic events and the gateways to determine the conditions for carrying out activities.



A business process is designed in BPMN with WebRatio Platform


With this Low-Code tool, it is possible to digitize and automate the processes that require the orchestration of different systems while maintaining a fluid and consistent user experience, such as in the management of a paperwork life cycle. This offers to customers and internal operators a single management interface. Behind the scenes, the process requires interaction with various company information systems for data mash up, updating of archives, and notifications about the sending and passage of documentation between participants at each stage.

Every aspect of the processes in the company can be digitalized and automated.

In fact, the Digital Process Automation realized with WebRatio’s Low-Code brings advantages to all the stakeholders in the company, not only to the IT department, thanks to the greater productivity and speed of development. Here are the main benefits for each business level:


Non-IT Departments

  • Process digitalization and simplification
  • Dematerialization of paper material with time and cost savings
  • Reduction of errors and repetitive activities
  • Employment in more rewarding activities
  • Elimination of dispersive management through shared folders, excel sheets, etc.
  • Uniformity of the software tools and interfaces used, with an improvement in the user experience
  • Integration with existing legacy systems, in order to better exploit the data and information already present in the company


IT departments

  • StandardBPMN notation easily understood by business too, for better collaboration
  • Rapid design, modeling and implementation of software systems
  • Faster prototyping speed
  • Process integration and orchestration across multiple applications
  • Integration and orchestration of processes related to legacy systems
  • Quality and security of the application code guaranteed by the platform



  • Graphic visualization of processes and their progress thanks to the Business Process Diagram
  • Improvement in the analysis of processes thanks to sharing with various stakeholders
  • Complete data tracking for audits, statistics, performance reviews
  • A simplified distribution policy to assign activities and workloads based on objective data
  • Elimination of uncertainty in processes thanks to tracking and monitoring
  • Resource allocation for more productive activities
  • Process versioning: coexistence of different versions
  • Business Process Optimization simplified thanks to tracking and analysis
  • Automatic documentation of processes (for example, with date, time and the user who performed the activity) through the creation of a real digital register with all the data of the case and its processes



The WebRatio Platform Business Process Diagram shows the progress of the business process



  • Orchestration, centralization and governance of the simplest business processes
  • Standardization and uniformity of processes and interchangeability of personnel
  • Reductions in the costs of activities and increases in the productivity of the resources
  • Greater data security because it is not managed in shared files and folders or sent via email
  • Simplification of governance and greater adherence to company rules and procedures


The WebRatio Platform's Digital Process Automation tools, from modeling in BPMN to the Business Process Diagram, up to the automatic documentation of processes, make the platform more than a simple tool to develop faster; they make it a real system to support management, control and decision-making roles in the company, to enable a continuous optimization of processes that allows a true improvement in business performance.



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June 28, 2022 / WebRatio

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