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Code vs Low-Code

A complete comparison of the differences between traditional coding and low-code method, from development and maintenance speed, to payback period and needed skills.


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A comparison with results and references

8 main features of traditional coding and low-code method compared in an infographic that highlights differences, numerical results, and real examples. This document comes from our development experience alongside companies and includes testimonials of customers and partners' success with our low-code technology.

Development speed

Technical skills needed

Payback period

Maintenance speed


Easy updates


Resources spent

Increased development productivity enables businesses to compete with larger companies and scale their business by serving more customers


Not only 7x productivity

The results of this comparison with coding show that productivity is not the only advantage of low-code. Thanks to our development method, companies have improved their time-to-market, the digital solutions ROI and have lowered their resource usage.

Companies using our technology

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