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Buy (and customize) or Make (or get it made) with Low-Code

An analysis to compare the purchase of a market software with the development of a tailored digital solution with the low-code technology


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Analysis, examples
and testimonials

An analysis of the main features to compare the purchase of a market software with the Low-Code development of a digital solution. An infographic born from the experience and testimonials of customers and partners who have chosen our technology to develop customized applications instead of adopting prepackaged market solutions.


Implementation cost

Solution ownership

Solution value

Modification costs

When an end-user company creates an application, it owns the property. An Independent Software Vendor can create its own solution to be sold commercially.


Speed and customization

The development speed of Low-Code technology makes start-up times comparable to prepackaged solutions, while the extreme simplicity of customizing applications provides an economic benefit in terms of cost reduction, increased value for customers and the entire production chain. 

Company using our technology

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develop it with low-code