Cloud Storage

by WebRatio s.r.l. | Published 12/30/2011
Cloud Storage
Version 1.0
Compatibility 6.1.2- 8.0.0
Update 01/27/2015

Are you thinking about using a Cloud Storage Service instead of the local file system for storing files, images and resources of your application?

The Cloud Storage component is for you!

This component lets you build applications that are perfeclty integrated with your preferred cloud storage service:

Cloud Storage Services

  • Dropbox
  • SugarSync
  • Microsoft SkyDrive

You have just to set up your account access data and free your creativity, then WebRatio will manage all the "dirty" work!

You will gain in scalability, flexibility, security and you will forget all the problems related to file storage and backup.

Download the component from WebRatio, open the sample project and be ready in just 2 minutes!

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