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WebRatio presents SmarterWater at Aquality Forum 2016

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WebRatio presents SmarterWater at Aquality Forum 2016


Milan, April 4, 2016. The International Institute of Research (IIR), which for over 25 years has brought companies solutions for innovation and business development, organizes the Aquality Forum event for stakeholders in the water utility industry. It will be a day dedicated to topics such as metering and billing, CRM, debt collection, and regulatory issues. It is an exclusive opportunity to receive updated information and discuss current opportunities, challenges and obstacles.



WebRatio will be at the event to present SmarterWater, its complete and integrated solution for companies in this industry.

SmarterWater emerged in 2015 from the awareness of climate change and the progressive increase in water scarcity. The project’s mission, in fact, is not only to digitize companies and offer innovative services to consumers, but—above all—to raise awareness of the ethical consumption of resources.

It's a digital 2.0 platform for water utilities that involves users, improves efficiency and reduces costs. It connects water systems to the Internet via IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, thus giving accurate consumption data in real time. The system allows you to profile customers and offer them a gamification experience, encouraging the efficient use of water resources. The result is better monitoring and a reduction in costs.



On April 4, we will be present at Aquality Forum because SmarterWater is the answer to all of the topics that will be addressed during the event, such as the measurement of consumption, electronic billing and user profiling. SmarterWater’s unique features are certainly the involvement of consumers and their motivation to more consciously use resources, thanks to gamification techniques that reward them for the activities they complete.

SmarterWater is the integrated platform for the digital transformation of water utilities. It simplifies the measurement of consumption, lowers operating and maintenance costs and, at the same time, encourages people to reflect on our everyday actions to preserve our planet’s main resource: water.

March 16, 2016 / WebRatio

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