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WebRatio Platform 9 Beta: The power of low-code for Business Process Automation (May 14, 2020)



Roberto Acerbis e Michela Frigerio show how to realize a digital process with custom user interface with the low-code technology of WebRatio Platform 9


Live Demo 01:21
Q&A: What is the timeline of realease of WebRatio Platform 9? 29:16
Q&A: When will it be available the GA? 30:02
Q&A: What's unique in WebRatio Platform? 30:46



WebRatio Platform 9 Beta: Develop App at the speed of low-code (February 6, 2020)



Roberto Acerbis e Michela Frigerio show how to develop a Mobile App for Android and iOS with WebRatio Platform 9 with features as push notification sending, easier and faster than ever.


Live Demo 01:11
Q&A: When is it going to be available version 9 on MarketPlace? 31:11
Q&A: Is there going to be a migration path from 8 in platform and in apps already developed, do you expect problems of compatibility? 32:16
Q&A: What version of Java is required, is it OpenJDK, what version of Eclipse is it now? 32:43



WebRatio Platform 9 Beta: Unleash the potential of low-code (November 7, 2019)



Roberto Acerbis (CEO of WebRatio) and Michela Frigerio (Learn-Support Manager) present the Beta version of our latest low-code development platform, showing its full potential through the creation of a web application in just 30 minutes. This speed is possible thanks to all the innovations we have added to our low-code technology, such as the new User Interface management and the other solutions which speed up development beyond the threshold of 700% compared with traditional methods.


Live Demo 01:56
Q&A: Can you give us more details about the Beta Program? 31:11
Q&A: Does this version support Postgresql 12? 32:08
Q&A: Will it be possible to migrate projects from the version 7 to 9? 32:59
Q&A: What is the achitecture of the platform and what are the programming languages behind it? 33:39
Q&A: How do you create a customized look&feel of the application? 35:00



Live DEMO - end2end app development on WebRatio Mobile (December 2, 2015)



Daniel Pardhe, Senior Architect (Digital/ Mobile) at Cognizant will show an end-to-end development of a mobile app using WebRatio Mobile Platform. You will see the actual use and flexibility of Visual Modeling to generate client-side and web services code with entire spectrum of domain modeling that is built into WebRatio Platform. Michela, Global Support Manager, will be participate and answers questions.

Live demo 1:17
Q&A: Can WebRatio be modified to generate code for different languages or platforms? If so, how easily? 54:03
Q&A: Is it possible to create layout more sophisticated with WebRatio? 56:33
Q&A: Which are the technologies used by the generated mobile application? 58:26



WebRatio - The Comprehensive IFML Development Platform (November 18, 2015)



Discover all the features and benefits of WebRatio Platform. The topics include ‪‎IoT‬, ‪Proximity‬ Experience, Mobile ‪Payment‬ solutions and ‪Digital‬. Focus will be on implementation of WebRatio at some large global corporations in ‪Banking‬ & Finance and ‪Retail‬ industries. This presentation is powered by Stefano Butti, CEO at WebRatio and Daniel Pardhe, Senior Architect (Digital/Mobile) at Cognizant.

WebRatio Platform Overview 3:00
Banking & Finance Success Cases 16:15
Retail Success Cases 26:33
Cutting Edge Innovation 32:55
Benefits Summary 44:16
Q&A: Is the code generation of the platform open for direct changes by the customer or it requires a special customization by the WebRatio company? 47:43
Q&A: How the mobile version works with Cordova? Is it a web service framework in order to save mobile resources? 49:25
Q&A: How a company can start using WebRatio? 51:33

Download the full presentation from our SlideShare account >


Future-Proof Coding with IFML (November 4, 2015)



Marco Brambilla, inventor of IFML specification, and Daniel Pardhe, Senior Architect (Digital/Mobile) at Cognizant, will guide you to discover IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language), a visual programming language that boosts your coding by 9 times, keeping a future-proof time to market development strategy. Marco will present IFML and how it solves development pains, going deeper with concrete examples, showing some industry successful project developed with IFML, and answering to questions about the modeling language and its specification.

How IFML was born? 1:56
What is the philosophy behind IFML approach? 11:00
What are the languages that currently use this framework? 24:46
Which are the major advantages of IFML? 30:00
What are the organizations committed to this approach? 45:56
How is it possible to incorporate custom Web Services into the IFML model? 56:49
Which sort of projects is IFML best suited for? 58:52

Download the full presentation from our SlideShare account >


Introducing WebRatio BPM Platform 8.5 (September 22, 2015)



WebRatio BPM Platform gives you full support in building high-end BPM Apps. BPM Processes designed with BPM Platform are based on BPMN 2.0. The processes are deployed on the BPM Engine and executed using the engine's RESTful APIs. WebRatio BPM Platform 8.5 introduces a set of new features to help you better manage the flow of your processes. It also gives the possibility of deploying both engine and processes on-premises and in the cloud.

The webinar will introduce you to WebRatio BPM Platform 8.5 Professional edition showing:

  • Overview of the new features including:
    • BPM driven notifications
    • Policies for distributing and leaving tasks
    • BPM process versioning
    • Throwing and catching events in a BPM process
  • Live showcase of a sample BPM process
  • Deploying the BPM engine on premises
  • Deploying and versioning of a BPM process

Introducing WebRatio BPM Platform 8.4 (July 23, 2015)



WebRatio BPM Platform is designed to support you in building high-end BPM Web and Mobile Apps with a tailored User Experience. BPM Processes designed with BPM Platform are based on BPMN 2.0. The processes are deployed on the BPM Engine and executed using the engine's RESTful APIs. WebRatio BPM Platform gives you the ability to obtain tailored mobile Apps that execute business processes and that improve productivity, mobility and collaboration between users and managers.

The webinar will introduce you to WebRatio BPM Platform showing:

  • Live modeling of a sample BPM process
  • Generation of the back-end application containing the BPM engine that orchestrates the modeled business process
  • Execution of the sample BPM process through calls to the BPM engine APIs
  • Execution of the sample BPM process from a Mobile Application which calls the BPM engine APIs

Introducing WebRatio Mobile Platform 8.3 (June 16, 2015)



A 30-minute presentation about all the new features of WebRatio Mobile Platform 8.3, related to:

  • Localization: adapt your App to the language of your device, choosing any language from the list of locales
  • Custom components: extend the features of your mobile Apps by developing your own custom components
  • New add-ons: discover the new components and style projects available for download on WebRatio Add-ons
  • Maps integration: enable your Apps to browse Maps, setup routes and get directions
  • Continuous Build: configure a dedicated environment for continuous build integration of you mobile Apps

Introducing WebRatio Mobile Platform 8.2 (May 19, 2015)



A 30-minute presentation about all the new features of WebRatio Mobile Platform 8.2, related to:

  • Send and receive push notifications
  • Interaction with device calendar and contact list
  • Bar codes scanning and generation
  • Users registration through your Mobile App

Mobile development made unique (February 18, 2015)



A 30-minute presentation about Mobile development strategy and a live overview of WebRatio Platform Mobile including project modeling, Data service synchronization, build, test and emulation.


WebRatio Mobile Platform BETA (January 8, 2015)



A deep introduction into all the new tecnical features and a demo of generation of cross-platform, PhoneGap-based applications that are easy and quick to test and are based on well-known standard frameworks (AngularJS, Ionic, JayData).


Invoking Web Services with WebRatio Platform (February 21, 2014)



Learn how to model a Web Service invocation with WebRatio Platform. Define the Domain Model and Business Logic needed to invoke a Web Service and manage the obtained response using the components at your disposal.


Publishing Web Services with WebRatio Platform (October 18, 2013)



Learn how to model and publish SOAP and REST Web Services with WebRatio Platform. The Platform facilitates the integration of your IT systems with external solutions and helps to publish your Web Services.


Broadening MDA to cover user interaction modeling - IFML joins UML and BPMN (July 25, 2013)



Webinar dedicated to IFML and to its use integrated with other modeling languages in the MDA suite, such as UML and BPMN.The webinar will introduce the basics of the IFML language and will demonstrate the advantages of using it together with BPMN diagrams, UML activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams. IFML is the missing piece for modeling the front end of software applications and perfectly complements other modeling dimensions in broad system modeling projects.


IFML, the new modeling standard (June 7, 2013)



Webinar dedicated to the new OMG standard IFML (a modeling language for defining the User Interaction of software applications, born as evolution and extension of WebML) and its practical use within model-driven approaches that go down to the generation of industrial applications upon web, mobile and proprietary platforms, as supported by WebRatio Platform. The webinar will also introduce the new open source design tool for IFML developed by WebRatio Platform.