WebRatio Certified Professional DESIGNER FOUNDATION

This exam tests your knowledge about how to modify the graphical look & feel of an application developed with WebRatio. The topics covered by this tests are: visibility conditions, how to define a style, how to define a page template, lists, forms and the WebRatio tags: <wr:Page/> <wr:Resources/> <wr:PageForm> <wr:Grid/> <wr:Id> <wr:CustomLocation/> <wr:LandmarkMenu/> <wr:Link/> <wr:Url/> <wr:Label/> <wr:Frame> <wr:Iterate> <wr:Value/> <wr:Visible><wr:RequireResource> <wr:FieldError> <wr:Element>.

Prerequisite: you need to pass the “WebRatio Certified Professional IFML FOUNDATION
+ WebRatio Certified Professional MODELER FOUNDATION ” before being able to gain this exam.

  • Language: English 
  • Number of questions: 30
  • Structure: multiple choice, true or false
  • Time available: 30 minutes
  • Type: web based test