Downloading, registering, and activating WebRatio Platform involves several decisions that are not easy to take without proper knowledge. Attend this lesson to understand all the steps and to find some help if something goes wrong.


Setting Up WebRatio License Server

316 Views Published Nov 29, 2013
Applies to: All versions

The purpose of this technical document is to provide instruction on installing, configuring and using the WebRatio License Server. The WebRatio License Server manages the distribution of WebRatio licenses in use and checks the limit on the maximum number of concurrent users. A user can work only if...


Developing Web Applications

1,062 Views Published Jan 30, 2014 | Time 12 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

The Internet is a telecommunication infrastructure that enables many of today’s most prominent technologies and applications. Familiarizing with the main notions, keywords, and acronyms used in this context is important in order to better understand the role of WebRatio and the structure of the appl...


WebRatio Platform General Overview

Getting Started with WebRatio Platform
867 Views Published Nov 29, 2013 | Time 9 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

When you get to a new town it is likely that you want to look at a map of the town. In the same manner we start with providing an overview of the main parts of WebRatio. WebRatio is built on Eclipse. Even though you could be familiar with Eclipse it is worth watching this brief tutorial to master th...


WebRatio Projects Read this article and get points!

by Mario Bruno
1,756 Views Published Oct 24, 2011
Applies to: All versions

Web applications are usually structured according to the MVC Pattern. The MVC Pattern logically splits the application in three tiers: Model, View and Controller. WebRatio brings the MVC pattern to its full power, both as design and architectural pattern, by splitting the application in three diffe...

MoreRead this article and get points!

Your First Web Application

Getting Started with WebRatio Platform
1,540 Views Published Sep 16, 2014 | Time 8 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

Walking through the creation of a very simple application is the most natural way of getting started with a new tool. WebRatio is no exception: with its large offer of options and features, the newbie may not be immediately able to find his/her way through the required steps to accomplish this task....


Organize the Workspace

Getting Started with WebRatio Platform
409 Views Published May 12, 2014 | Time 18 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

When starting WebRatio, the first thing the user must do is to choose the workspace. Knowing the workspace and which options are available is useful when organizing the projects stored on the local drive. Effectively organizing projects in workspaces helps save time. Additional real-world p...


IFML General Overview
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IFML Modeling with WebRatio Platform
790 Views Published Nov 29, 2013 | Time 6 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

Developing the front-end of a user application is a costly and inefficient process for a number of reasons. WebRatio Platform has solved the User Interface modeling challenge by developing an interaction Flow Modeling Language, or IFML, which covers the existing gap in front-end application develop...


IFML Quick Reference Card

by Paolo Riviello
1,309 Views Published Mar 31, 2014
Applies to: All versions

IFML Quick Reference Card is the new one page document to print and keep on you desk when you want to learn the new OMG standard IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language), the modeling language for the User Interaction definition.


IFML Official OMG Specification

by OMG
318 Views Published May 13, 2014
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

This specification defines the Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML). The objective of IFML is to provide system architects, software engineers, and software developers with tools for the definition of Interaction Flow Models that describe the principal dimensions of an application front-end: th...


Interaction Flow Modeling Language: Model-driven UI Engineering of Web and Mobile Apps With IFML

by Marco Brambilla, Piero Fraternali
165 Views Published Sep 04, 2014
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

"Interaction Flow Modeling Language" describes how to apply model-driven techniques to the problem of designing the front end of software applications, i.e., the user interaction. The book introduces the reader to the novel OMG standard Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML). Authors Marco Brambi...


This is the case study used during the WebRatio Platform Modeler Classroom Training Course. You need to download this file in order to have the set of requirements used during the training course as reference. You can also try do model this case study by yourself in order to test your knowledge in W...


View Containers
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IFML Modeling with WebRatio Platform
643 Views Published Nov 29, 2013 | Time 11 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

The web model is where you use the IFML Web Extensions to build the user interface of your Web Application, and where you specify the business logic for each IFML action using a set of predefined operations. In this lesson we introduce the view containers you can use to organize your Web Applicatio...


View Components & Data Binding
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IFML Modeling with WebRatio Platform
724 Views Published Jan 30, 2014 | Time 20 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

In order to publish content or to introduce interface elements for data entry in your Web Application, we must use View Components. IFML defines a view component as an element of the interface that displays content or accepts input. Let's see how a generic view component works in WebRatio and which ...


Master & Details
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IFML Modeling with WebRatio Platform
437 Views Published Apr 28, 2014 | Time 25 min
Applies to: 7.2 or higher

The ability to show a list of elements and the details of each listed element is one of the most common patterns in Web Applications, the so-called "Master and Details" pattern. This lesson shows you how to build several variants of this pattern in WebRatio, and illustrates related basic "IFML" conc...

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